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And Change a Life

How You Can Help 

The 5K Foundation is an official 5013C non-profit based upon volunteer service and donations. Without you, the mission we all set out to accomplish cannot be done. Consider providing a financial contribution, donating resources, or volunteering your time. 


Currently, the 5K Foundation is hard at work to provide snacks, transportation, education, tutoring and so much more to the children in our program. Consider donating today. 


Our organization is always looking for volunteers to coach, speak about careers and educational journeys, and how happiness and success can be found through education and academic achievement. 


Sports equipment, school supplies, and many other resources are in constant demand here at the 5K Foundation. Please contact us today with resources you may be able to provide. 

Change a Life Today.

Join our effort, as we work to develop the young minds of Durham and the Triangle. We look forward to meeting you. 

How can you help?

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