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In 2015, Chris and Tangela Kenan, who both grew up in single-parent households, recognized a need for essential resources and programming in underserved communities, specifically, the Durham community. Nearly 11 million children live below the poverty line in America. When they reach adolescence, only 10% of them graduate, compared to 50% of youth from high-income families. Minority youth in these communities are also often disadvantaged when it comes to accessing vital opportunities.​

What started as a Christmas Giveaway, has now blossomed to servicing 7 underserved communities and impacting over 400 youth in the Durham community since 2015. We are dedicated to decreasing gang involvement and gun violence in Durham by creating positive outlets for youth in these communities. Our Foundation has sponsored youth athletic leagues, educational tutoring and mentorship programs with a goal of breaking generational curses two generations at a time.


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