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The free resource program for families provides families with essential resources to help them support their loved ones. The initiative aims to reduce the burden on families living in underserved communities across Durham by providing access to employment opportunities, academic scholarships, youth athletic scholarships, summer camp vouchers, fresh produce, and other services. The program connects families with vital resources they may not be able to afford otherwise, enabling them to improve their living standards.

Family Resources

Through the initiative, families can access services ranging from daycare assistance to career guidance and employment training. The program also provides academic scholarships and tutoring for students. Families can apply for youth athletic scholarships, including access to sports programs and equipment. Additionally, the program provides summer camp vouchers for youth to experience new adventures and develop positive relationships with peers.

Fresh Food & Nutrition Resources

The program also introduces families to local fresh food providers and nutrition resources, ensuring access to healthy foods. With this free resources program for families, Durham's underserved communities gain access to life-changing resources that make daily life easier, more rewarding, and more fulfilling.

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